Just had to tell you about the most exciting visit I have ever had to Waitrose. Had to stop off en route home. Even the guy on the till said he had never seen foods of the kind I was buying. I feel totally inspired thanks to you – you did an amazing job. I even had the silken tofu. I am genuinely excited in a way that last Saturday I would have found hysterical and even a little bit sad. I cannot thank you enough – I am really really determined. Three inches off waist, two off bust and two off hips. A great kick start.Thank you so much. You did a great job.Claudia
I have dealt with nutritionists in the past to try and solve my problem but I have never met anyone who comes close to having the knowledge and expertise that you have regarding nutrition. Have a lovely Christmas and speak to you in the new year.Many thanks.Kara
My daughter is now attending school nearly full time as her IBS symptoms and anxiety have reduced considerably.We will see you in 6 weeks time for a follow up.Sam
I have suffered my whole life with asthma, eczema on my hands and legs and ‘irritable bowl syndrome’. Thanks to the team at Functional Health, I have NO more IBS, NO more eczema and the asthma is better than it’s ever been.I really love that you spent time finding out what was causing my problems, instead of just writing me yet another prescription.Carla B
My first appointment was 2 hours. Unheard of in a medical practice in my experience. But the team really listened to me, and they also really took the time to explain to me what my illness means in terms of how my body works. Making changes was much easier after I understood why properly and I felt much better in less than two weeks.Amanda G
I love, love, love coming in for my ‘power iv’s’ as I call them. I am eating better and sleeping better since I started coming to Functional Health, but my IV’s give me such a boost, especially when I’m having a stressful week at work. They’re brilliant.Julie P
One month on ‘Nutrition Boot Camp’ was not easy, but I have never felt better. I am actually falling asleep easily and sleeping properly the whole night. I didn’t realise how much this affected me till it changed. I have great energy through the day and don’t crash after lunch any more. I’m not bloated after eating any more, and my girlfriend loves that I have a flat stomach instead of a pot belly.Adam C